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Now it's your turn.

Harness Your Data.

If you're ready to benefit from data, Fathom Performance offers a simple one-stop service to help you design your measurement strategy. We'll walk you through what to measure, how to measure it, and how to benefit from your insights.

Our job: To take you or your organisation from striving to thriving.


Our Service

We offer a flat-rate service that walks you or your organisation through developing and implementing a measurement strategy. Whatever your data collection process looks like - whether you have one in place or you are brand new to collecting data about your service or programming - we will help you develop and implement a data collection strategy tailored to the needs of your service or organisation.


What You Get

We're a consultancy that loves to teach. Our service includes workshop calls to hone the answers to these three questions for your organisation:

1. What metrics and data do you need to measure to achieve the outcomes you hope to achieve?
2. What systems can you implement to make sure that data is captured as efficiently as possible?
3. How can you most benefit from that data to improve your organisation, increase retention and recruitment, wow funders and gain funding?

Our final product for you will be a streamlined report that will help you or your organisation implement your tailored action plan.


Ongoing Support Available

Interested in ongoing support to implement or further develop your measurement strategy? Fathom's staff is available for hourly and contracted ongoing support services. We'd love to have a conversation about exactly what your organisation needs to make sure you can fully harness your organisation's data and thrive.

Fathom Performance offers a no-hassle, fixed-rate service to equip your organisation with data. Our service is bookable at £129 (+ VAT) to produce your organisation's tailored data implementation plan.