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What is Fathom Performance?

Who We Work With:

Fathom works throughout the development sector alongside delivery organisations, funders, federations, practitioners, and external evaluators and consultancies. We have also worked with for-profit entities, sport organisations, event consultants, and educational programmes.

What We Do:

Our team offers a unique consulting-plus-software model. Our M&E software tool helps organisations easily design their M&E framework, collect data, and report on findings. Our consulting team designs bespoke ToC and M&E models, and helps you plan your entire M&E strategy from start to finish.

We’re a Good Fit If:

If you need an easy, no-hassle solution for M&E or ongoing assessment — that’s our mission. Whether you are applying for grant funding, need to implement data collection for a secured grant, or have other assessment needs, we would love to speak with you about how we can solve your problems.

Past work


Fathom worked with Australian Sport Federation Swimming Australia to design and implement their monitoring and evaluation framework for a $500K grant — alongside 30 delivery partners and over a 2-year span.


Fathom teamed up with international development organisation Coaches Across Continents to design and enact their M&E for a 15-month climate change programme across 10 delivery partner organisations.


Fathom assisted Mexico City-based, sport-for-good ultimate frisbee organisation JUF re-think and re-design their M&E framework to report on an initial Laureus Foundation grant and apply for another.

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