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If you’re ready to benefit from data, Fathom is available as a monthly subscription software. If you need a more customised solution, we also offer hourly or bespoke consulting. Whether you need a simple online tool or more tailored support in designing and implementing your measurement strategy from scratch, Fathom is here to help.
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NEW SLOTS OPEN: M&E Advisor Package

Would you or your organisation benefit from having an expert on speed dial to help answer M&E strategy and implementation questions?

For a limited time, we’ve opened up 10 more slots to take advantage of our “M&E Advisor” package for one year. This service costs £75/ month (£900 annually; exclusive of VAT) and grants you UNLIMITED 20-minute sessions per month to access our expertise. Think of it as having an M&E specialist on the payroll for a fraction of the price.

We treat these sessions as coaching calls to help answer questions, brainstorm strategies, and identify solutions you can immediately apply to your M&E work.

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